Power Clean

This course helps you to dominate the Power Clean.

I show you, how I teach my athletes the Power Clean, and how they use the Power Clean in their training to become stronger, faster and more explosive.

Module 1: Fundamentals of the Power Clean

Module 2: Learning the Power Clean

Module 3: The Fundamental Movements you need to master to dominate the Power Clean

Module 4: Training the Power Clean

Module 5: The Exercise Library with all Power Clean related movements


59 Lessons


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Movement Prep

This course covers the fundamentals of movement preparation (what it is, the benefits, how and when to do it) and the most common exercise selection.

20 Lessons


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Foam Rolling

This course covers the fundamentals of Foam Rolling.

Module 1 covers the theory behind Foam Rolling

  • What is foam rolling
  • What are the benefits of foam rolling
  • When to do Foam Rolling
  • What type of foam rolling exercises should you do

Module 2 provides the exercise library with the most common exercises and the prescription how to do these exercises for maximum results.

17 Lessons


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